Priority Enrollment

FPC CDC Siblings – In an effort to create long-term relationships with families, our Center provides priority enrollment to siblings of current students.

FPC or CDC Faculty Children – In an effort to retain a qualified teaching faculty, our Center provides priority enrollment to children of employees.

FPC members (6 months prior to enrollment) – In an effort to create unity between our Church and our Center, we consider church members for priority enrollment slots.

General Public – As a mission of FPC, we strive to provide working parents in the community with opportunities for enrollment.

Waiting List

  • To be placed on our waiting list, families must submit a non-refundable waiting list fee of $75.00.
  • When a space in a particular classroom becomes available, the Center Administrator will contact families on the waiting list—based upon the priorities noted above–allowing 24  hours for a decision, due to the time sensitive nature of filling vacancies.
  • If a family is offered a place in the Center but declines, they will be removed from the waiting list or may request to be moved to the end of the list. Depending upon the circumstances of each family, a higher place on the waiting list may be assigned by the Center Administrator.
  • Please note that the waiting list fee is not a guarantee that a space will become available. If a family desires to enroll more than one child, an additional $50.00 fee will be charged for each additional sibling placed on the waiting.
  • After a predetermined amount of time, families may receive a notice stating that they will be removed from the waiting list, unless they contact the Center Director with their desire to remain.

Waiting List Form


Enrollment Packet


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